#wbbride of the Month

Mrs. September

Happy Fall Ya’ll! The summer wedding season has ended and with yesterday being the first official day of fall, we are excited to jump into this new season with a brand new #wbbride of the Month! Allow us to introduce our Mrs. September, Melissa Rosen Ayers! With her first year of marriage coming to an end, we couldn’t wait to reminisce about her Laguna Beach wedding!

Photographer:  John Cain Photography   Gown:  Vera Wang

Photographer: John Cain Photography

Gown: Vera Wang

Warren Barrón Bridal: All of this started with the proposal, so tell us, how did Don pop the question?

Melissa:  After a long week at work, Don told me he had booked "surprise" massages for us on a Saturday morning. He also mentioned that he wanted to walk around SMU (where we met) afterwards as he heard there was a lot of new construction on campus since we had been there last. There was a game that night and I had 0 interest in going, so I didn't question his idea to go check it out before the crowds. While we were sitting at the top of the boulevard, he started reminiscing on our 6 years there and before I knew what was happening, he was down on a knee! Afterwards all of our friends were waiting for us at brunch. Needless to say, I changed my mind about going to the boulevard and game where we celebrated all day. The next day, he surprised me again with a visit from our moms at Bistro 31.


Warren Barrón Bridal: Since the planning process lasts longer than the wedding, you have to make it fun! What was your favorite part of planning and did you have any inspiration for your big day?

Melissa:  The best part of planning was dress shopping with my mom and sister. That was the first thing we did after I got engaged! They flew into town and we had the best girls weekend. I loved picking out all of the little details - especially the flowers and the food. On the day of the wedding it was really amazing to see our vision finally come together. It was magic!

I always knew I wanted to get married by the ocean. The Montage Laguna Beach just seemed to fit us both perfectly - elegant and chic without feeling stuffy. Once we picked the venue, everything fell in place. We really played up the natural beauty of the gorgeous setting. I also LOVE flowers, but really wanted to do something unique and different than your usual centerpieces. We decided on a wisteria ceiling installation for the focal point of the reception.


Warren Barrón Bridal: You already said that shopping for the gown was your favorite part of the planning process, now tell us what made your gown “THE ONE” and what was your favorite part about it?

Melissa: This was the PERFECT dress for me. Once I put it on, I fell in love. There were a few others in the running, but with every other dress I wanted to make a modification here or there. This one was literally perfect right off the hanger and when I had it on, I couldn't stop smiling. Once I found out that it was an older style, that really sealed the deal. I loved the fact that it was so timeless and classic, but at the same time I had never seen anything like it before. It was totally me!

My favorite part was definitely all of the different types of overlapping lace. The flowers across the neckline and waist were so beautiful and flattering. The train was also out of this world. I loved how at first glance the dress seemed super subtle, but once you got up close you could see all the amazing detail and the thought that went into the placement of each area. I would wear it every day if it wouldn't be weird!

Warren Barrón Bridal: We don’t think it would be weird at all! We say, if you wearing your dress is you living your best life, then you do you! Rock that dress for as long as you can!


Melissa and her sweet mom were always such a pleasure to have in the WB. It’s families like theirs that make what we do worth while and we were so happy to be even a small part of her big journey!

Congrats on one year down and cheers to many many more to come!

💋 xo WB