#wbbride of the Month

Mrs. August

Hey there babes! To say August has been busy is a huge understatement! Between the damage to the store and making decisions for the renovations and gown orders, it has defiantly been a whirlwind of a month! We may have been busy but we are never too busy for #wbbride of the Month! Our Mrs. August is the super sweet and always stunning, Michelle Gonzalez…Davis! She recently celebrated her 1 years anniversary and we couldn’t wait for her to get back from her fabulous anniversary vacay to day dream about her big day!

Photographer:  Shannon Skloss   Gown:  Inbal Dror

Photographer: Shannon Skloss

Gown: Inbal Dror

Warren Barrón Bridal: Now we have to know! How did Will pop the question?!

Michelle:  Will started the day off by telling me that he bought tickets for us to go to the opera and that we would have to dress up for the occasion. While in a cab on our way to the "opera," Will suddenly told the cab driver to stop by the Seine River, telling me that we were close and that he "knew a shortcut" so we would walk the rest of the way. As I walked Will's "shortcut" on a narrow, cobblestone path along the Seine River, during one of the coldest days in Paris in heels and a dress, I began to regret hopping out of that warm cab. As our walk crossed in front of the Eiffel Tower, this regret turned to fear when I spotted a random man lying down in the middle of the path, and then, out of nowhere, someone came up from behind me and pulled my coat off! As I stood there in the cold believing I was getting mugged, I turned around to Will and saw him suddenly get on one knee and pull out a ring. At this moment, the cold, the cobblestones, and the suspected muggers (who turned out to be the photographer and his assistant) faded away as I stood there agreeing to marry the love of my life in the place of my dreams.


Warren Barrón Bridal: So as the planning process began, what was your inspiration for you big day and your favorite part of the whole process??

Michelle:  My goal for the wedding was for it to be elegant; this inspired much of the design and theme decisions. The best part about the planning process was the getting to work closely with my mom to make this special day come to be. What made the planning truly special was realizing that all this work was going towards bringing everyone together to celebrate joining our families as one.


Warren Barrón Bridal: The dress decision can be a daunting task but it’s our favorite part of the whole wedding process…obviously! So tell us girl! Why did you pick your GORGEOUS gown and what was your favorite part about it??

Michelle: This may sound corny and cliché, but I knew I found my gown the moment I put it on. The gown spoke to me and my feelings the moment I saw it on in the mirror and I immediately knew it was the one. It also didn’t hurt that my mom, aunts, and mother-in-law immediately broke into happy tears the second I walked out in the gown.

I absolutely loved the train on this gown, the intricate details, and the fact that it broke with convention with its beige color. Also, Colony expertly paired it with an incredible headpiece and long cathedral-style veil that took the whole ensemble to another level.

Michelle G Bridals - PRINT use photos-38.jpg
Michelle G Bridals - PRINT use photos-18.jpg

At WB, we still talk about how Michelle and her family were one of our favorite bridal entourages! Their reaction to Michelle finding the perfect gown was one of the most heart warming and genuine we have ever seen and I am pretty sure we were all in tear too!

Congrats Michelle and Will on your first anniversary and we know the best has yet to come! Cheers girl!

💋 xo WB