#wbbride of the Month

Mrs. June

Happy Sunday Funday babes! Since summer has official arrived, we thought why not celebrate by introducing our new #wbbride of the month! We are excited to announce that Mrs. June is our sweet bride 👰🏻Margaret Wells! Exactly one year ago to day she was walking down the aisle at the Aldolphus here in Dallas and nothing says Happy Anniversary like reliving that special day!

Photographer:  Fort Lion Studio   Gown:  Reem Acra

Photographer: Fort Lion Studio

Gown: Reem Acra

Warren Barrón Bridal: So back to the beginning, how did Brian propose??

Margaret:  Brian proposed in December of 2017. We have always loved looking at Christmas lights together and one of our favorite restaurants in Dallas in Sevvys. So Brian put two and two together and nailed it. He told me he had a work Christmas Party on Saturday night, December 2 which encouraged the both of us to dress up and have an amazing meal at Sevvys before the party. After we finished dinner, he said we were a little early so we decided to drive around and looking at Christmas Lights. We pulled over to go sit on our favorite Gazebo in Goar Park which has more Christmas Lights on it and it the most beautiful Gazebo around Christmas Time. He got down on one knee and the rest was history. We then drove over to my sisters where just our families were waiting to celebrate with us all night. ( I always said I only wanted our families to be there to celebrate because we will get to enjoy the wedding with EVERYONE we want to). We had "Marg"aritas and cut a beautiful cake and had the best night ever. He did soooo gooodddd!


Warren Barrón Bridal: What was the biggest inspiration for your wedding??

Margaret:  My inspiration for my gown/wedding was the Adolphus Hotel. Let me expand on that. The Adolphus is the most Timeless, elegant, classy, beautiful, but most importantly FUN hotel in Dallas (in my opinion). Everything about it is beautiful,different, and next level awesome, so I guess you could say I wanted my dress and everything that went along with decorating/planning this wedding to be the same.


Warren Barrón Bridal: The planning of the wedding is what last the longest throughout the whole process! What was your favorite part??

Margaret:  My favorite part about planning was the fact that I KNEW what I wanted throughout the whole process. The Adolphus Hotel is already spectacular and my wedding planner and I were on the same page throughout the whole process. My husband and I would make a decision and then move on to the next keeping it efficient. I have always felt that I am good at making a decision quick and then moving on, so that definitely made everything easier during the process. The first dress I tried on was the dress I chose, The hotel was chosen within the same week basically, and my wedding planner was very good with making decisions and moving on to the next also. (Highly Recommend Molly at Pop Parties).


Warren Barrón Bridal: Now for the most important question! Why did you chose your gown and what was your favorite part about it?

Margaret:  I actually chose my gown because it was a combination of everything I wanted in a Dress. If you do not know who Morgan Stewart, Grace Kelly, and Kate Middleton are then look them up on their wedding days. I basically combined a beautiful two piece set inspired by Morgan Stewart and a classy, royal, timeless look inspired by Grace and Kate. Since my personality is totally casual and yes I like to party I then decided last minute to change my beautiful top and pearl earrings into a spaghetti strap and put some Pearl Hoops on to finish the second half of the night with a bang and it was the best decision ever. The girls at Warren Barron were amazing. They made me feel special and pretty and excited every time I put the gown on and they were there every step of the way. I literally found my gown within five minutes of walking into Warren Barron. I walked through the store and found the skirt first actually and then found the top on the same rack without even thinking twice I looked at everyone and told them I NEEDED to try this look on first things first just to get it out of my system and I am so glad I did. The top and skirt were not even meant to match up, but It just felt right to try them together..

My favorite part about the gown (besides all of it) was that it was a two piece. The skirt was INSANE in all the right ways and I wanted a two piece the whole time to mix things up. You see a lot of the same gowns and looks in Dallas when you start attending a lot of weddings around the area, so I wanted something that stood out and felt different. I felt so classy in the first top and out of my element which I loved and encourage every Bride to do. I never thought I would have chosen this look and I am so glad I did. WARREN BARRON is amazing!!!!!!!!!


Classic Elegance combined with one heck of a party?!? Sounds like our kind of night!

Congrats on one year and cheers to many more happy times to come!

💋 xo WB