From dainty and delicate to bold statement pieces, Paris by Debora Moreland has an amazing selection of jewelry, headpieces, and veils for any bride to elevate her style for her big day!"

Debra Moreland, the creative director and founder of PARIS by Debra Moreland, is a visionary in the bridal accessories industry. Debra’s years of endless inspiration designing two annual collections for PARIS by Debra Moreland is an artistic triumph.

Unlike some design firms, Debra personally creates all her original designs, and she and her staff of dedicated artists work side by side to engineer and replicate those unique creations into collections. Each collection, inspired by Debra’s innate interests in architecture, fine art, music, nature, or vintage Hollywood, is an evolution in the pages of her design diary, and continues to add to her immense body of work. The result? Thousands of her designs are archived at the PARIS by Debra Moreland studio.

As future PARIS by Debra Moreland collections are introduced, Debra’s ongoing vision will continually give voice to groundbreaking ideas and authenticity to the unique personalities of women.