We are known to be a store with a flair for fashion. Brides who choose their gown with us always have that something special that seems to distinguish them from the rest. It is not easy to capture one’s own style. It is a confidence that comes from within. We asked one of our dear brides how she came to choose her “unforgettable” bridal style.


Warren Barrón Bridal:  Did you have a particular style of gown in mind when you set out to find “the dress”?

Brandy:  Absolutely!!  Before ever embarking on the journey to select my wedding dress, I knew that I wanted a ballgown!  In the beginning, I was convinced I wanted an elaborate tulle ballgown but after trying on several, I knew that something was missing.  It was at Warren Barron, just before stepping into the dressing room, that my mom held up one more gown and strongly suggested I try it on.  Unconvinced, I agreed to try it on just for her and it ended up being the perfect dress!  That day I knew that I would walk down the aisle in the “Katherine” gown by Vera Wang.  While the dress was true to the ballgown style, it was very different from all the other styles I had sampled.  The “Katherine” gown is truly one of a kind!


WBB: What made you decide on your gown?

Brandy:  From the moment I stepped into the gown, I knew it was the perfect dress for me!  Never did I hesitate or have to consider how I felt about it.  I’ll never forget that special moment in the fitting room when I turned to face the mirror and saw myself standing in my wedding gown!! Before the gown was even zipped, I knew I had found the one and I couldn’t wait to walk out and show my mom!  I immediately fell in love the style of the “Katherine” ballgown and the complete grandeur of the fit.  The billowing layers and horsehair trim made this gown both artistic yet timeless.  I had never seen anything like it and I knew it would fit our castle theme wedding perfectly.


WBB: How did your Hairstyle and Make up play into your bridal vision?

Brandy:  When I arrived in Switzerland, I met and worked with my French stylist to plan my wedding day look. He took one look at my wedding dress in our consult appointment and knew exactly what I was wanting!  On the day of my wedding, he styled my hair in long loose curls and my makeup palette was a combination of shimmery golds, rose pinks, and natural glows.  My final wedding day look was the perfect representation of our fairytale wedding!

Elle Warren