Bridal Gown Shopping 101

Bridal Gown Shopping 101

Hello Babes!  

Since we are breaking into the blogging world, we thought why not give a little bit of our insight into the in’s and out’s of bridal gown shopping and what to expect at your appointment with us at WB!  We like to think we know a thing or two when it comes to shopping for the perfect gown!


First and foremost, come in with an open mind!!  I cannot stress this enough…about 75% of the brides that come in the store leave loving something they never anticipated.  You may think long sleeves are for you but until you try it on, you never really know.  Which is totally fine…after all, you’re not normally shopping for wedding gowns on the reg.  

With that said, it is always helpful for our brides to bring in photos of what they were envisioning so we can use that as a jumping off point.  We always like to throw a few curveballs in to make sure you’ve tried all of your options.  That way you can be confident in your gown purchase!  Confident brides are the prettiest brides!

Secondly, be prepared.  It is very rare that a bride will find her perfect gown without first selecting the venue for the wedding.  There is a big difference between an uptown ballroom wedding and a casual intimate affair on the beach!  Just know what vision you want for your big day and finding the perfect gown will be a piece of cake (pun intended)!

Also, know your budget ahead of time.  I have seen it time and time again; girls will try on a gown outside the budget “for shape” or “style.”  There are reasons certain gowns fit the way they do or have a certain detail and that is because of the extra care it takes to create these gowns which in turn, adds to the price.  Our suggestion, if you don’t want to financially go there…then don’t go there.



Finally, and probably most importantly, bring only those people whose opinions you truly value.  I know brides want to include everyone on this journey but keep your gown search intimate.  Too many opinions are never helpful and can either end in confusion or hurt feelings.


In the end, we are #teambride and we are here to help you navigate this crazy new adventure you are on.  Feel free to follow our tips and we cannot wait to see you at WB!


xo WB



Elle WarrenWedding, Dallas