"I really want to lose 3 pounds..."

Can you believe that we are already one month into 2019?!?  You know what that means…many people have already started and stopped their New Year resolutions.  Now, as much as we hate the whole “new year, new me” song and dance, the ladies of WB decided why not? And we all jumped on the bandwagon. Our resolutions/goals were all the same; to become more fit.  (Turns out, our washers are, in fact, NOT shrinking ALL of our clothes 🤷‍♀️).

We hit the ground running!  We each decided on what path we would be taking to achieve our goal.  Cat and Stephanie decided to try pilates and are loving it so far—Shoutout to “The PilatesBarre” !  Cecilia is getting more into her yoga practice at CorePower Yoga, while Elle and I are part of the Peloton cult!  Honestly, I thought we would have given up by now because (let’s be honest) most of the time we do!  But this time we all seem to be sticking to it!  It got me thinking, why is this time different?

So I asked the girls…what is it about this time?  After hearing their reasons, it turns out, it wasn’t a what, but a WHY!  Of course we all want the visual benefits of the end goal, but it seems that we all had a deeper reason for this new found commitment.  

My reason being, ever since having my baby, I haven’t felt like myself and I would like to get back to that place.  Cecilia said that her yoga is not only about the physical benefits she gets, but she enjoys the quality “me” time for herself, both physically and mentally.  Stephanie and Cat both said that they want to turn their workout into a routine for an overall healthier lifestyle (“but also to look awesome” -Catherine).  And Elle said working out is a mental reset for her as well as setting an example of healthy habits for her son!

We get so caught up in the whole “how everyone else sees us” aspect of working out/losing weight, that we lose sight of everything else we can gain from the experience like a new habit, “me time”, or even a new friend from a class we may have joined

Moral of the story, no matter what you are doing to better yourself, be it dieting or working out, make sure that you are doing it for YOU first!  The other payoffs will follow!

💋xo WB