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Look what we just received…Oscar de la Renta at his finest.   This is for the bride that does not want to be forgotten.  Grand and feminine all in one.  In a ballroom or out in the garden, this gown is perfect!

Finely hand draped bodice …

Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles….even the  veil is trimmed to match the ruffles.


We are known to be a store with a flair for fashion.  Brides who choose their gown with us always have that something special that seems to distinguish them from the rest. It is not easy to capture one’s own style.  It is a confidence that comes from within.  We asked one of our dear brides how she came to choose her “unforgettable” bridal style.

Warren Barrón Bridal:  Did you have a particular style of gown in mind when you set out to find “the dress”?

Alexis:  Yes! I started out thinking that it had to be all lace and that it absolutely could not be strapless.  I also thought I didn’t want the silhouette to have any volume.   I ended up going in the complete opposite direction of what I initially thought I wanted!

WBB:  What made you decide on your gown?

Alexis:  I actually put a deposit down on a gown that matched my “initial idea” of what I wanted, and then realized I wasn’t in love with it.  When I tried on Confection (by Monique Lhuillier), I realized it had the overall “look” I wanted even if it didn’t fit my exact checklist of what I thought I had to have. The big turning point was when I was assured we could adjust the neckline to make it the simple sweetheart that I wanted- then I was finally certain I had found my gown!

WBB: How did you accessorize your look to make it “unforgettable”?

Alexis:  A veil was important for me since I was having a Greek Orthodox ceremony. I wanted to keep it simple since my gown had a lot of detail in the lace overlay. I went with a two tiered veil that matched the tulle of my gown with a simple pencil edge.  My Jimmy Choo peep-toes provided some sparkle since I didn’t have any in my gown. I had decided to keep earrings understated with a pearl stud, but my husband surprised me with diamond drops as my wedding gift!  I switched into them right before I walked down the aisle- they were perfect!

WBB:  How did your Hairstyle and Make up play into your bridal vision?

Alexis:  I wanted makeup to be very natural and to look like the best version of myself- nothing overly done up! Hair was a tough decision- I couldn’t decide whether to wear it all up or half up.  My hair stylist (and good friend from high school) convinced me that since it was over 100 degrees outside my hair was going up and that I would thank her later- and I did! It was a life saver when I was walking in and out of the Texas heat!

WBB:  We say that the gown is the centerpiece for the wedding.  Choose one word to describe the feeling or theme of your wedding.  How did the gown play into it?   What was your inspiration?

Alexis:  When I decided on my new gown, it totally changed the direction we went with for the décor design.   I wanted the look of our décor to be ‘timeless and classic’, but updated with a modern edge and not “stuffy”.  The gown fit that idea perfectly- and we used it for everything- we mirrored the lace pattern in the cake and in the dance floor lighting. We also used the “classic, but updated” feel for the tables- more modern chargers, pillar candles in clear holders paired with classic candelabras. Everything about our day, especially the Reception, seemed to represent “elegant fun” which is the feeling we had hoped to achieve.

WBB:  How does your wedding gown relate to your personal style?

Alexis:  I went to school in Virginia, so it’s hard to get away from the “east coast” feel.  I usually choose a more classic look, but I’m not afraid to try a few trends here and there. All my bridesmaids said my dress was the most “me” possible, so I think I stayed true to my overall style!

WBB:  What tips do you have for new brides picking out their wedding dress?

ALEXIS:  I have three! The first is don’t make any snap decisions unless you are in LOVE with your gown! If you need to sleep on it, do it!  The second is to keep an open mind! Don’t count a dress out just because it doesn’t fit your “list”. The third is don’t be afraid to ask questions about what can and can’t be done to a gown- the custom alterations we did to my gown are what finally made it “perfect” for me. I’m so glad I followed my gut feeling and made the changes I needed to love it.


Bride: Alexis (George) McBride

Wedding Date: June 18, 2011

Wedding Gown: Monique Lhuillier

Veil: Paris by Debra Morland

Venue: Barton Creek Resort

Photographer:  Stacy Sodolak of SMS Photography

Hair: Carolyn Taylor

Make Up: Kandy Glass of FaceKandy