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With our 20 plus years of experience, we have noticed that there are a few things that can help with the search for the perfect wedding gown…

  • Have a budget:  Having a budget set before even making appointments at any bridal shop will keep you focused.  There are many amazing wedding gowns at many price points, you don’t want to fall in love with a gown you can’t afford.  It is not fun.
  • Set up an appointment: Most bridal shops require appointments.  You want to make sure before you make travel plans that you call the salons you would like to visit to set up appointments.  We recommend you also ask what their price points are…  You don’t want to waist your time.
  • Research styles: There are so many resources to look at bridal gowns.  Magazines and the internet are the most viewed.  Make a folder with what you think you like.  It helps the bridal specialist assisting you get what your vision is.  This is a great starting point.
  • Keep an open mind: We recommend that you do some research, but keep an open mind.  We find that 95% of brides chose a gown that they never would have imagined wearing on their wedding day.  Gowns look very different on the body as opposed to on the hanger.  Just try it on!
  • Deadline: Give yourself a deadline to find your gown.  You want to look but not too much.  There are thousands of gowns on the market, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself.  Looking for the perfect gown should be a fun experience.  We recommend buying your wedding gown 9-12 months prior to the wedding.  We can get it quicker with a rush fee if necessary, but more time equals less stress.
  • Who to take to appointments: Only take the people who really know you and want you to be happy.  We have seen that too many people equals to too many opinions.  This can make for a very overwhelming experience.  Your mom and your best friend sometimes is just enough.
  • Most important tip: Have FUN!!!  This part of picking everything lasts longer than the actual wedding.  Enjoy the moments!

“Be Unforgettable” in this amazing Marchesa bridal gown.  We  love this gown not only because it’s different, but because it can be for so many types of brides.  Whether you are getting married at the Ritz, under a tent, or on the beach, this gown is perfection!  You will truly be unique.  This strapless hand draped wedding gown with jeweled bodice is made of the finest silk chiffon that floats into a circular skirt.  Simply dreamy…